Monday, June 6, 2011


Look at Jose Reyes' stats this year. Some of his best ever. He been hitting the ball hard every game and it's not that hard to sign him back for about $4M more. They said they were gonna trade Beltran and that would free up some money. Now you have money. Or if they want to be annoying then trade Wright to the Giants to get people like Pablo Sandoval and Madison Bumgarner. Then trade Beltran to the Nationals to get Laynce Nix. Those are both very reasonable trades for both sides. And they would have enough money to sign Reyes to a long-term deal. It's perfect. They'll have youngsters (Bumnarner, Sandoval). And if Nix gets in a cold streak they have other outfielders to take his place (Fernando Martinez, Pridie, Harris). This could only be good for the Mets. If they do that they're best lineup would look like this:
  1. Reyes (SS)
  2. Pagan (CF)
  3. Sandoval (3B)
  4. Bay (LF)
  5. Davis (1B)
  6. Nix (RF)
  7. Turner (2B)
  8. Thole (C)
  9. Santana (SP)
That lineup sounds like a young winning lineup to me. It would be perfect (As long as Bay begins to heat up and Santana comes back throwing hard)! If they trade away Wright, though, I have to admit it would be hard for me to say goodbye.

And one more thing. Omar Minaya was an idiot. Who would trade away Francoeur for some nobody that isn't even on the Mets anymore. If he didn't do such an idiotically stupid thing, they could instead of trading Beltran for a Right Fielder they could trade him for a pitcher.